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About Us

Welcome to Art Fully Wired, where the world of art comes to life through curated exhibitions, expert appraisals, and in-depth market analysis. We are a passionate team of art enthusiasts, curators, appraisers, and market analysts dedicated to fostering a deeper appreciation of the art world.

Art Exhibition Curation

Art exhibition curation involves the selection, organization, and presentation of artworks in a coherent and meaningful way within an exhibition space.

Artwork Appraisal

Artwork appraisal involves the assessment and determination of the monetary value of a piece of art.

Art Market Analysis

Art market analysis involves the examination and interpretation of trends, data, and dynamics within the art market.

Art Exhibition Curation

Curators are responsible for creating a narrative or theme that connects the displayed artworks, which may be from a single artist, a specific time period, a particular art movement, or a diverse group of artists. The goal of art exhibition curation is to engage and captivate viewers, convey a message or story, and enhance the overall artistic experience. Selecting artworks for exhibition. Arranging and displaying artworks effectively. Developing exhibition themes or concepts.

Artwork Appraisal

Art appraisers use their expertise and knowledge of the art market, art history, and the specific characteristics of the artwork to provide an accurate valuation. Art appraisals are typically sought for various reasons, including insurance coverage, estate planning, taxation, buying or selling artworks, or charitable donations. Evaluating the provenance and authenticity of the artwork. Examining the condition and quality of the piece.

Art Market Analysis

This service helps collectors, investors, galleries, and institutions make informed decisions regarding buying, selling, and investing in art. Art market analysts study factors such as auction results, sales histories, market indices, and cultural influences to provide insights into the performance and potential of specific artists, genres, or segments of the art market. Tracking and reporting on art market trends and developments. Assessing the investment potential of artworks and artists.

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I couldn’t be happier with the way Art Fully Wired curated my solo exhibition. They brought my vision to life, creating an immersive experience that left a lasting impression on visitors. Their expertise and attention to detail are unmatched!


I’ve trusted Art Fully Wired for years to appraise and advise on my art investments. Their appraisals have been spot-on, and their market analysis has helped me make savvy decisions. They truly understand the art market.


Working with Art Fully Wired has been a game-changer for our gallery. Their curatorial services have elevated our exhibitions, drawing in more visitors and sales. Their market insights have helped us stay competitive and innovative.